I’m a thirty something man whose passion for home cooking has blossomed into something of an obsession.

After having been badgered (in the nicest possible way) by friends and family who recognise this obsession, I’ve started Pie for Brains in order to keep track of my own foodie adventures from my kitchen and beyond.

Pie for Brains is my own take on the world of food: from market visits to eating at Michelin starred restaurants – this blog will cover it all and whatever falls in between.

Getting organised, keeping diaries, making lists and so on have never been a forte of mine, but seems as I get older, my time seems more and more scarce, projects and ideas pop into my head, before I know weeks and months have passed and things have not been done, so this blog is much a way of me getting organised, and encouraging myself to take on challenges, try new thinks and learn new skills.

The food and cookery based things that are of interest to me.

  • Bread Baking.
  • Beer Brewing.
  • Home curing meat.
  • Christmas Gift Hampers.
  • Exploring local food and eating seasonally.

I’m sure other ideas and projects will come along.


One response to “About

  1. As a foodie, I will enjoy reading your posts. I also love to bake and cook….when time allows.

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